Liquid or Leather Leggings

So, what is the true difference between liquid leggings and leather leggings? I had no idea that there was such a thing as liquid leggings. I have been obsessing with purchasing a pair of leather leggings, but to get real leather leggings its pretty pricy. I ended up purchasing a few liquid leggings, but I thought that was just a type of pleather. After collecting a few liquid leggings I noticed that it is similar to a pleather material. However, liquid leggings have more of a shine and a “faker” look to them. Take a look at how Rihanna rocked liquid leggings in this fabulous outfit!


Now let’s compare these liquid leggings to a pair of leather leggings.


As you can see the leather leggings Kendall is wear are less shiny than Rihanna’s. There are definitely cases where leather leggings appear shinier than this, but that’s usually when they’re hit in a certain light.

Besides one material being genuine and soft leather, and the other synthetic, lets look at some more differences between the two. I always like wearing leather more than a synthetic fiber because your skin can breathe! However, leather is much  more expensive. So, if you were to choose between pleather and liquid leggings, it really depends on how shiny you want them to be. Liquid leggings are great because they bring attention to the fabric. Leather and pleather look good, but they are not as noticeable as the liquid material. I found adorable leggings on Shopbop:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.54.05 PM

These look exactly like Rihanna’s black pair of liquid leggings. Just like leather leggings, liquid leggings are perfect for going out. But, be weary. A lot of pleather leggings and liquid leggings will be pricy. The ShopBop leggings above are over $100 but you can easily find a pair that are super cheap. For example, I found a pair that looks exactly the same from Charlotte Rouse for only $15! Get them here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.59.42 PM


If you’re looking for a nice list of some other liquid leggings, go to Resultly! They have some nice options.

As you can see both leggings look exactly the same (except for the price difference). For leather leggings you can’t really cheapen out on unless you’re ok with the pleather leggings. I have a gorgeous pair of burgundy pleather leggings. From far away pleather will look like leather, but if you touch them you can differentiate between real leather and the pleather material.

One piece of advice, be careful when you wear liquid or leather or any type of leggings for that matter without a long top. If you wear your shirt tucked into your leggings, just like the Charlotte Rouse model. With a Kim K butt I have to be very careful when I wear leggings. There are some leather leggings that are more like pants that do work with a shorter top. But, for most leggings I like to wear a long top. This way I don’t have to worry.