Rock out in Sequin Leggings!

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Whenever your outfit involves anything with sequins, especially leggings you know you’re going to have some fun! Now some of you may be a little hesitant but no need to worry. Here are some tips on how to wear these fantastic stretchy pants.

1.) For a super chic, casual look: Whatever color you decide, take this pair from The Limited ( So pair something like these with a super cute and classy blazer and a nice blouse or tank top underneath. Even a little heel to complete your whole look.

  • For a more relaxed, yet stylish look: A great place to snag a good deal and for a lot of options check out the Resultly shopping app now ( This look you can pair them with a longer blouse, typically a tunic. To give it a little more sophistication tie it all together with a chic belt.
  • Work them wearing a sweater, button-down blouse: This look by far is my favorite! I actually just bought this pair from Macy’s ( They are the comfiest and most stylish pants ever! I usually wear them with a gray or cream-colored button-down blouse. And of course heels, you can’t forget those!

I’ll never forget the first time I bought a pair of pants such as these. I remember thinking how the heck am I going to pull these off? With some style advice I felt more confident and comfortable in them. A blog that I found to be super helpful, aside from this one is It gives you everything you need to know about how to look fabulous.
The first time I wore my pair was to my best friend’s 21st birthday extravaganza. It was such a fun and memorable night. I knew I wanted to wear something comfortable, yet of course still stylish and chic. My best friend wanted to go bar hopping all over downtown so I knew at that point that heels were out of the question. So I went with black pants, a gray short-sleeve blouse, a black blazer, and my black pointy flats. I went a light on the accessories, considering my pants made up for it. I bought these dangling silver earrings that I thought were the absolute cutest and would look perfect with my outfit.

We had a party bus and everything, the whole nine yards. My best friend is definitely one of those people who goes all out for their birthday. So we drove around the city going from bar to bar, my pants totally making a statement everywhere we went. You know what they say about how people’s clothing says a lot about their personality well I certainly think those pants say a lot about me!

Next time you’re hunting around in your closet looking for something to wear for your best friend’s birthday celebration, no need to worry. Go with that staple item that’s not only chic but comfortable. Mad props to the women who can wear those heels all night, something I only can dream of doing.