Velvet Dress: To Wear or not to wear?

Wearing a velvet dress has never been at the top of my list when it comes to choosing a dress say for the prom or for an event. I feel like I need to have the abs to rock the outfit!

Since I have an upcoming event, a 28th birthday soiree that has a theme of old Hollywood, I decided I would try and slip on a black velvet dress.

My first search led to me what Europe’s adorable princess, Kate Middleton, have worn about three years back when she attended an event together with her husband, Prince William and brother-in-law Harry.

The princess flowed with grace on the Alexander McQueen Velvet Dress. She accentuated her look with a set of jewelry with a black clutch but still highlighting the dress as the main piece. Kate finished off the look by just having her hair down. This pic from is stunning:

middleton black velvet dress

Since this is a long dress that flows at the end, I figured, girls should pair this off with either black pumps or strappy sandals thus making the dress look sexier. In my opinion, velvet dresses are worn hugging the body and not loose so that it highlights the butt and waist for those who have it. This website actually carries the same style (almost) as worn by Kate if you do not have the money to invest on a McQueen.

The dress though formal is not what I am looking for, aside from the fact that it’s expensive! LoL! I decided to have a search at and see what they have to offer. Browsing through it, most of what they have are mid-length velvets that can actually be used in two ways – office wear in the day and turning it to a sexy velvet dress in the evening.

What caught my eye is their Jones New York sleeveless velvet dress and their Jessica Simpson sequined velvet dress. Both dresses can be seen here (

I can dress down both of these dresses into casual attire, if I want to. Probably, pair it off with beach sandals or flat pumps. Maybe a fedora hat too!

If Macy’s does not give you a lot of options to choose from, another great website find is

They have a wide variety of velvet dresses or skirts that you can choose from. How about starting it right here They have various brands and designs that will make you gaga over velvet!

Seeing all the different designs and ways to wear velvet, I think I can do it. Now, let me go back to my online shopping so that I can get my dress on time!