How to wear: Garter Tights

While I was browsing through my email and checking my spam folder for any emails that might have unfortunately landed there, I saw an ad for garter tights.

Intrigued, I clicked on it and was led to a variety of suspender tights for women. I felt like I have time traveled and was back to the Moulin Rouge days. I remember in the music video made for the movie, Pink and company were all wearing these tights whilst doing a sexy number.

I know that these tights were a part of the lingerie ensemble especially when you are out to mingle and date. I saw them when the classic movies where Elizabeth Taylor was in one of the starring role. She would dress up for her dates and would suit up on her formal dress with the garter tights underneath. Also, these tights are usually part of the post-wedding treat for guys as their wives naughtily dress up for their honeymoon.

Just looking at it on screen, I know this can make you look and feel sexier. I am tempted to buy one but I do not what best to pair them with or even how to wear them.

I looked online and after filtering all the Moulin Rouge and Chicago musical images, I got the picture of how this should be worn.

It is pretty much basic. Generally, in order for the tights to work its magic, you need to color coordinate yourself. You should not deviate or else, your objective or main purpose, which is to seduce, will fail.

For newbies, Amazon has faux garter tights in case you are still trying to be comfortable or if you are checking if this fashion statement will look good on you. The tights have this impression that you are wearing tights but in reality it is just a pair of stockings.

Once you feel and think that you can make this ensemble work, you can click on this link: which gives you tons of garter tights to choose from. The usual color is black as it provides a silhouette of your body making you look sexier and most likely longer for people who are a bit short and heavy. White is next color of choice as it gives a fun and more romantic yet innocent vibe.

If you are also interested in wearing mini skirts but have some skin issues, this can also work its magic on you as it actually hides the half part of your legs (knees below) but highlights your legs especially if this is worn with heels.

Another option is to do it the Rihanna way. She has decided to create a twist in wearing her Pretty Polly suspender tights by showing it via the slits of her dress. Check it out in this blog:



You can also be creative on how these tights can be worn. Remember the objective is to feel sexier and seduce your partner.


I might just get one for myself to try it out and see if the magic really works. LOL!