How to wear: Garter Tights

While I was browsing through my email and checking my spam folder for any emails that might have unfortunately landed there, I saw an ad for garter tights.

Intrigued, I clicked on it and was led to a variety of suspender tights for women. I felt like I have time traveled and was back to the Moulin Rouge days. I remember in the music video made for the movie, Pink and company were all wearing these tights whilst doing a sexy number.

I know that these tights were a part of the lingerie ensemble especially when you are out to mingle and date. I saw them when the classic movies where Elizabeth Taylor was in one of the starring role. She would dress up for her dates and would suit up on her formal dress with the garter tights underneath. Also, these tights are usually part of the post-wedding treat for guys as their wives naughtily dress up for their honeymoon.

Just looking at it on screen, I know this can make you look and feel sexier. I am tempted to buy one but I do not what best to pair them with or even how to wear them.

I looked online and after filtering all the Moulin Rouge and Chicago musical images, I got the picture of how this should be worn.

It is pretty much basic. Generally, in order for the tights to work its magic, you need to color coordinate yourself. You should not deviate or else, your objective or main purpose, which is to seduce, will fail.

For newbies, Amazon has faux garter tights in case you are still trying to be comfortable or if you are checking if this fashion statement will look good on you. The tights have this impression that you are wearing tights but in reality it is just a pair of stockings.

Once you feel and think that you can make this ensemble work, you can click on this link: which gives you tons of garter tights to choose from. The usual color is black as it provides a silhouette of your body making you look sexier and most likely longer for people who are a bit short and heavy. White is next color of choice as it gives a fun and more romantic yet innocent vibe.

If you are also interested in wearing mini skirts but have some skin issues, this can also work its magic on you as it actually hides the half part of your legs (knees below) but highlights your legs especially if this is worn with heels.

Another option is to do it the Rihanna way. She has decided to create a twist in wearing her Pretty Polly suspender tights by showing it via the slits of her dress. Check it out in this blog:



You can also be creative on how these tights can be worn. Remember the objective is to feel sexier and seduce your partner.


I might just get one for myself to try it out and see if the magic really works. LOL!

Rock out in Sequin Leggings!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.54.05 PM

Whenever your outfit involves anything with sequins, especially leggings you know you’re going to have some fun! Now some of you may be a little hesitant but no need to worry. Here are some tips on how to wear these fantastic stretchy pants.

1.) For a super chic, casual look: Whatever color you decide, take this pair from The Limited ( So pair something like these with a super cute and classy blazer and a nice blouse or tank top underneath. Even a little heel to complete your whole look.

  • For a more relaxed, yet stylish look: A great place to snag a good deal and for a lot of options check out the Resultly shopping app now ( This look you can pair them with a longer blouse, typically a tunic. To give it a little more sophistication tie it all together with a chic belt.
  • Work them wearing a sweater, button-down blouse: This look by far is my favorite! I actually just bought this pair from Macy’s ( They are the comfiest and most stylish pants ever! I usually wear them with a gray or cream-colored button-down blouse. And of course heels, you can’t forget those!

I’ll never forget the first time I bought a pair of pants such as these. I remember thinking how the heck am I going to pull these off? With some style advice I felt more confident and comfortable in them. A blog that I found to be super helpful, aside from this one is It gives you everything you need to know about how to look fabulous.
The first time I wore my pair was to my best friend’s 21st birthday extravaganza. It was such a fun and memorable night. I knew I wanted to wear something comfortable, yet of course still stylish and chic. My best friend wanted to go bar hopping all over downtown so I knew at that point that heels were out of the question. So I went with black pants, a gray short-sleeve blouse, a black blazer, and my black pointy flats. I went a light on the accessories, considering my pants made up for it. I bought these dangling silver earrings that I thought were the absolute cutest and would look perfect with my outfit.

We had a party bus and everything, the whole nine yards. My best friend is definitely one of those people who goes all out for their birthday. So we drove around the city going from bar to bar, my pants totally making a statement everywhere we went. You know what they say about how people’s clothing says a lot about their personality well I certainly think those pants say a lot about me!

Next time you’re hunting around in your closet looking for something to wear for your best friend’s birthday celebration, no need to worry. Go with that staple item that’s not only chic but comfortable. Mad props to the women who can wear those heels all night, something I only can dream of doing.

Liquid or Leather Leggings

So, what is the true difference between liquid leggings and leather leggings? I had no idea that there was such a thing as liquid leggings. I have been obsessing with purchasing a pair of leather leggings, but to get real leather leggings its pretty pricy. I ended up purchasing a few liquid leggings, but I thought that was just a type of pleather. After collecting a few liquid leggings I noticed that it is similar to a pleather material. However, liquid leggings have more of a shine and a “faker” look to them. Take a look at how Rihanna rocked liquid leggings in this fabulous outfit!


Now let’s compare these liquid leggings to a pair of leather leggings.


As you can see the leather leggings Kendall is wear are less shiny than Rihanna’s. There are definitely cases where leather leggings appear shinier than this, but that’s usually when they’re hit in a certain light.

Besides one material being genuine and soft leather, and the other synthetic, lets look at some more differences between the two. I always like wearing leather more than a synthetic fiber because your skin can breathe! However, leather is much  more expensive. So, if you were to choose between pleather and liquid leggings, it really depends on how shiny you want them to be. Liquid leggings are great because they bring attention to the fabric. Leather and pleather look good, but they are not as noticeable as the liquid material. I found adorable leggings on Shopbop:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.54.05 PM

These look exactly like Rihanna’s black pair of liquid leggings. Just like leather leggings, liquid leggings are perfect for going out. But, be weary. A lot of pleather leggings and liquid leggings will be pricy. The ShopBop leggings above are over $100 but you can easily find a pair that are super cheap. For example, I found a pair that looks exactly the same from Charlotte Rouse for only $15! Get them here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.59.42 PM


If you’re looking for a nice list of some other liquid leggings, go to Resultly! They have some nice options.

As you can see both leggings look exactly the same (except for the price difference). For leather leggings you can’t really cheapen out on unless you’re ok with the pleather leggings. I have a gorgeous pair of burgundy pleather leggings. From far away pleather will look like leather, but if you touch them you can differentiate between real leather and the pleather material.

One piece of advice, be careful when you wear liquid or leather or any type of leggings for that matter without a long top. If you wear your shirt tucked into your leggings, just like the Charlotte Rouse model. With a Kim K butt I have to be very careful when I wear leggings. There are some leather leggings that are more like pants that do work with a shorter top. But, for most leggings I like to wear a long top. This way I don’t have to worry.