Sequin Shorts && NYE

As New Year’s Eve quickly approaches, the pressure for finding the perfect plans, perfect kiss, and the perfect dress heats up. This is the one night of the year that you can spend money you don’t have on a fabulous outfit, buy the $200 ticket for the best party in the city, and kiss anyone your heart desires come midnight. As far as my plans go, I’m about as behind as you can imagine. I know the guy that I want to kiss, but I don’t have the ticket, the dress, or the confirmation from him to make it happen. Considering the ticket is probably the most important part of the night, there’s no boy or dress without it, however I’m just gonna take my chances and work in the opposite direction. Starting with my dress..or should I say sequin shorts and crop top?

Yes, you heard that correctly. I am opting out of the stereotypical sparkly dress this NYE and going for a unique look with sequin shorts instead.

sequin shorts


There are so many different ways to wear an outfit like this. By that I mean so many various kinds of tops to give it a whole new spin that you might not have guessed. Wearing the shorts with a cute top tucked in is a very classy, beautiful way to wear them. However, while everyone else will be wearing a tight, little dress, you may feel a little odd women out. In that case, you could opt for a more “showy” top. In which case here are a few of my faves:

sequin shortssequin shorts


Shorts: Resultly
Top: Asos

I literally can’t even handle how obsessed I am with these two outfits! Both are so cute and you don’t need to be self conscious about showing too much or too little skin. You’ll be the prettiest, sexiest, classiest one in the room. That is once you settle on some plans ;)

As for accessorizing you ask? Heels, heels, heels! You need to wear heels and I’m personally a huge fan of the ankle strap that you can see the model on the left wearing. The one piece of advice you need to remember is that you need a pair to walk, stand, and dance in all night in. So comfort is KEY. Part of killing your look is keeping it rocking all night long, ladies. Don’t be the girl who takes her heels off half way into the night. You will quickly go from fab to flat, if you know what I mean.

Well now that you have your outfit planned you have no excuse not to find plans! Get talking and have fun :)