Denim Fashion: Mini Skirts

The denim fabric is very versatile. Initially to be worn as a pair of jeans, it has evolved and has a lot of other end products now – a pair of shorts, jacket, dress, bags and mini skirts.

I have most of these denim items except for the mini skirts. I wasn’t sure why, I guess I kept putting off buying one. Well, now is the time to get one. While browsing through the online shopping websites, I stumbled upon Resultly and saw their collection of denim mini skirts available. They have various styles and designs that you can choose from – washed out, torn-up, studded, pleated and so much more.

Because of the denim’s versatility, you can pair it with almost anything that you have. You think I am kidding? I am not. It is safe to say that whatever you pair for your denim jeans can also be done with the denim mini skirt.

I have also seen another set of denim mini skirts from Gap’s online store. The skirts are form fitting and if you have great legs, this will be the perfect piece for you. I know it is already a mini but I think you should pair it off with wedge sandals for a casual lunch or dinner. If it’s a bit intimate, wear your pointed heels or strappy heels to give a contrast of casual but a bit formal. To make it dressier, wear a cute printed sleeveless top or a white collared shirt. If you opt for the latter, I would suggest adding up a bit of jewelry and you will be good to go. has an article that featured 9 different ways on how you can pair off your denim mini skirt and one of them was wearing denim with denim. I like that. It does not give out a vibe that it’s way too casual since they are both of denim fabric. It actually looks chic.

denim mini skirt

Since the outfit only has one color, you can be colorful with your accessories like how the model paired her denims with a red belt and yellow bag. Another accessory that you can use to jazz up your mini skirt is leggings or stockings. I have seen a lot of women wearing this under their skirts and then pairing it off with their boots or pumps.

Now, why am I giving you tips when I should be searching for the perfect skirt for me?